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8am to 8:50am opening ceremony

9am to 9:50am janet Burke

10am to 10:50am P.N paranormal

11am to 11:50a local guest spiritualiy vs wicca and pagen the differences and similaties

12pm to 12:50pm Montana paranormal

1pm to 1:50pm Mary 

2pm to 3pm ghost hunting block

3pm to 3:50pm Joan bird or let's talk ufos 

4pm to 4:50pm Seeking Truth paranormal investigations.

5pm to 5:50pm cryptid creatures by Rodney

6pm to 6:30pm costume contest

6:30pm to 7:50pmdinner block q and A for special guests

8pm to 8:50pm Michael mezmer

9pm to 1am ghost hunting time



8am to 8:50am Tony from the history club

9am to 9:50am elemental talk

10am to 10:50a Gabe talk

11am to 11:50am Bozeman Paranormal Society

12pm to 12:50pm stellar paranormal

1pm to 1:50pm stevens group

2pm to 2:50pm ghost hunting block

3pm to 3:50pm Chris Fisk or extra ghost hunting block

4pm to 4:50pm Butte paranormal or tips and ghosts hunting

5pm to 5:50pm closing ceremony

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